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Lava Review: Lowest Price Mobile Phone

by Nitin Sinha
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Lava Review

Lava International is a company that produces smartphones and tablets. It is an Indian company and was established in 2009. The company offers some really good lava mobile phones at the most affordable price. The lava mobile phones work on Android and is certainly a combination of some good processor and reasonable price. Lava has produced the lowest price mobile phone so that is affordable for every person.

Let us see some of the best lowest priced phones which lava has produced:

  1. Lava Z92: It is one of the good phones if you have a low budget and you can compromise a bit with the performance. This has overall good reviews but might be a bit slow with the other phones that are competing with this phone. But it is one of the lowest price mobile phones with a good processor made by Lava.
  2. Lava Iris Pro 30: If you want a nice phone with good specifications but in a reasonable budget then you should certainly take a look at this phone. It comes with some great specs and has a rating of 7 in the gadgets list. Surely a nice lava mobile phone to purchase.
  3. Lava A1: This is the lowliest priced mobile phone that lava has produced. It is a simple phone with no Android but has good battery backup. So if you want a dummy phone which can be just used to make calls and has a good battery life then you can certainly have a look at this phone.
  4. Lava Z51: This phone is good with performance. If you want to buy a touch screen low-end phone then you can try this. Lava mobile phones are surely affordable and come with good specifications.

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