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Listing Below Some Reasons Of Iphone Addiction

by Nitin Sinha
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Iphone Addiction

Even though we see a ton of new android phones getting released into the market every single day, the craze for apple mobile phones among iPhone lovers is something that is never going to die. People who have been using iPhones get so addicted to using the device and they can never turn back to Android phones for the following reasons.


Even though Android phones have more processor core and RAM, the usage of iPhones are still faster and a lot more seamless than any android device making it so addicting. That is one of the main reasons why after getting an apple mobile phone there is no looking back.


All iPhones have a very classy look and are super-stylish. When you get used to using or handling an iPhone you will definitely feel like it has one of the best designs out there which is sleek and sturdy as well. This is one of the main reasons for Apple mobile phone addiction.


All the mobile phone photographers can relate when I say iPhones have the best cameras when it comes to any mobile phone. The portrait mode of iPhones can never be beaten. The amazing features that come along with the camera options make the whole phone photography experience mind-blowing. Capturing shots using an Apple mobile will almost make you feel like you are clicking pictures with a professional camera.


The reach of software updates and the compatibility of these updates make iPhones even special. The newest software update will be compatible with an old series device like 5 or 5s which is not often seen on android platforms. You need not change or upgrade your iPhone physically in order to get the newest updates and this reason also attributes to the Apple mobile phone addiction.



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