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5 Top Photography Tips

by TechMobi Desk

Photography is an art and you need to learn and improvise it. There are certain ways that make a difference and help you while clicking photographs. If you follow the tips given below, it will help you to improve your photographic skills but also it will make you a professional photographer.

  1. Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is the composition and is considered as the most effective way of catching the images. Before clicking a picture, imagine four lines over it. Imagine two vertical and two horizontal lines dividing the entire image into nine parts. The image looks the best from any one of the nine parts. Some images look impressive from the center and some from sides. The imaginary lines help you to catch the angle better and create an aesthetic composition.

The rule of thirds helps your eyes to move over the images to get the best result before you click. The images which are composed with the rule of thirds make the photograph look pleasing to the eyes.

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  1. Control over Camera

While handling the camera during the shoot, one has to make sure that the camera remains perfectly under control. The camera should not shake while clicking the photos. If the camera shakes then it makes the photos look blurry and out of focus. Before you start taking photos, first make sure that you hold the camera perfectly well. The camera should be held close to your body. One hand should cover the body of the camera while the other hand should go close to the lens. Keep your fingers out of the focus.

You have to be comfortable and at ease while taking the photos. If you are tense or in a hurry then it might result in shaking the camera before you click. You have to be alert and need to take photos easily and quickly.

  1. Adding wow effect

In order to make your photograph look impressive and to add the wow effect in it, you have to generate a sense of depth in the photo. It generally helps while taking photographs of the landscape which include nature, scenery, or images of the surroundings. It offers an additional effect in the photograph that makes the people feel their presence in the photo while viewing it. To get a sense of depth in the photograph, you need a panoramic view. You can make use of a wide-angle lens with a smaller aperture. You have to keep the background sharp while you click the photos.

The photographs with huge backgrounds and clarity often make the viewers feel that they are watching a real scene in front of them.

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  1. Simple but effective Backgrounds

The approach of photography should be simple with the use of effective techniques. It gets more attention from the users when the photographs have minimum distractions. The background of the photographs should have neutral colors and simple outlines. The viewer watching the image should be able to see the focal point of the image and not just patches of colors. The images used in the background also should feel part of the entire scenery and not just objects which are oddly placed.

The simplicity in the photograph gets attracted and the people enjoy the combination of wide-lens effect with striking color-combinations. Such photographs are remembered for long.

  1. Avoid Using Flash Indoors

The flashlight in the photographs should be used with care. Sometimes the flashlight in the photographs looks harsh and spoils the overall effect of the frame. Mainly while taking portraits in the indoors, try not to make use of flash. You have to make use of the light suitably, according to the requirement, and using the light to make the photo look effective. In case, if you want to make use of the flash while clicking a photo then you should angle the flash towards the ceiling and avoid it from getting directly.

While taking the photograph indoors, make use of broad aperture which allows more light to get spread with the help of the sensor. You can blur the background to get a better camera-friendly result while taking the photos.

Bottom Line:

When you want to start clicking photographs, think of the tips given above, before you start. To take the best of photos you need to make use of various techniques and required to develop a vision to appreciate the world around you. Also, you need to understand the various aspects of light, shade, and angles which play a vital role in making your photos look remarkable. Find more about the various advanced camera available in the market. Also learn the latest functionalities and its practical usage which also helps you to get a perfect eye for catching outstanding images.

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