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Whats Trending?? A new addiction on mobile screens: PUBG

by Arpita
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The game that has made millions of gaming minds addicted and has become the trending game of 2018 in a very short span of time is PUBG. Every gamer is head over heels for this game. Why not be? This game has a lot more features than regular action games.

‘Player Unknown’s Battle Ground’ is an online multiplayer battle royal game, and for your knowledge enhancement, it is developed by PUBG Corporation which is a subsidiary of South Korean Video Game Company Blue hole. In this game, you can have up to 100 players who will parachute onto an island where they will search and collect weapons to kill the enemies while saving themselves. Well, that’s a task to do!! The map of the game decreases accordingly, over the period of time in the game, directing force encounters in a tighter area to surviving players. As usual, who stays till last wins the battle. The games anti-cheating mechanism provides fair battles. So cheaters stay away!! Initially, the game makes you wait for 1min where you can’t do anything but that’s worth of experience coming forward.

Where ever you go you will easily find someone playing this game. this is game keeps you over the toes till the very end and is also better in terms of 1 vs. 1 experience than H1Z1 ( human 1 zombie 1) and other similar ones. this game makes you do anything to survive. The game’s HD graphics and HD audio give you feel of reality which is jaw-dropping. Presently this game supports over 500+ android devices.  Surely many of us are late in the morning due to the addition of this.

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