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What Will Be The Future Technology?

by Vinita
Future Technology

Sometimes it seems like all the drams and fears of humans come from the world of robotics. Robots can work, help another worker in their work and functions in factories or hospitals. Sometimes people think of their work when they get to live a jobless life. As so many people have seen future technology video, in which many machines are in making to make future life work easy.

Many company’s working on future technology videos

  • Heart monitoring T-shirt

This T-shit measure your heart rate and upload them via Bluetooth. This is a sports brand T-shirt; it will tell you how hard you are working out. This is beneficial not only for athletes but also for sportsperson or normal people who can wear this T-shirt. This product can also be used for the clinical purpose for the heart patient helpful for warning of a heart attack.

  • Internet for everyone

Google is now working on to solve the problem using a helium balloon to beam the internet to many areas. Nowadays people can’t live without the internet still, half around the population is not connected to it. Facebook is also working on this project using drones.

  • Artificial leaf

This artificial leaf will convert the sunlight and carbon dioxide into fuel. This product is made from tungsten-based material. This product uses material which is cheaper 20 times and 1000 times faster. To produce synthetic gas, these solar cells will use carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

  • Wearable screens

This generation is dreaming on the foldable phone because they are not knowing that future technology videos might be screenless. The future might not be required to put your mobile onto your pocket rather you are going to wear it on your wrist. This wearable screen will onto your skin, clothing, or another surface.

  • Smart toothbrush

To make sure you are doing good, there will be a smart toothbrush that will send your data directly to your dentist. This will scan your cavities or plaque building up. This will also help you know the brushing technique of yours, whether you are doing it in the correct way or not.




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