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‘Google People Cards’, A Virtual Visiting Cards On Google Search

by Aditi Singh
Google People Card

Google keeps bringing new features to improve the experience for its users. In this series, the company has launched a special ‘Google People Cards’ service for Indian users. With the introduction of this feature, users will be able to create virtual visiting cards in Google search. Users can share their website, social media handle, and other information in Google search through the virtual visiting cards.

Google account is necessary

This service displays the information given by the user using Google’s Knowledge Graph. To use the service, the user has to provide a mobile number. To create a people card on Google search, a user must have a Google account.

Service is for mobile users

The company is currently offering this service only for mobile users. This means that to create your public profile, you have to log in to Google account from your mobile device. This service is currently available in English only.

Fake profile and wrong content will be banned

Google says that through this service, it is trying to convey the right information to the public. The introduction of this service will help in identifying the wrong user, language, and low-quality content. At the same time, the company is also going to curb content that violates Google’s policy by using Human Review and Automated Technology through this service. To prevent misuse of people’s cards, the company has given the facility to create a single people card for an account.

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Google People Card- TechMobi
How to create ‘People Card’

To create your people card, first sign in to your Google account. After this, you have to search ‘add me to search’. After doing this, you will get the option of ‘add yourself to google search’. Tap on this message After tapping, Google will ask for your phone number. The number has to be verified with a 6-digit code that will appear on the entered mobile number. After this, Google will give you a form. In this, you have to provide the necessary information to create a public profile.

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