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Have Fun With These 4 Best Xbox Mobile Phone Games

by Nitin Sinha
Xbox Mobile Phone

Microsoft is giving wonderful opportunities to the gamers to play games just on their PC but on their mobile phones anytime they want. The company is providing Xbox one special servers to connect to mobile phones so that they can play the game anywhere they want.
Xbox gamers are currently able to control or play their games on Xbox one by connecting it to their Windows 10 PC but only when both the devices are in the same network and are powered at the same time. Xbox mobile phone games are going to be the next big thing in mobile gaming.
Let us see the 4 best Xbox mobile phone games of all time:
1. Minesweep: It is certainly difficult to control all the tiny details of the game on your phone screen and that is why you can connect your Xbox to your windows phone and play this game. It is one of the most played Xbox one mobile phone game.
2. Grand Theft Auto Vice City: This is one game that comes with huge graphics and amazing gameplay. You need to have an Xbox to play and enjoy this amazing game on mobile phones.
3. Assassin Creed: This is a game based on the movie Assassin creed and also one of the most played games both on PC and on mobile phones. The controlling in the game is awesome with some amazing specifications.
4. Racing games: It is one of the best Xbox mobile phone games. Racing games give a great kick to the gamer playing it on an Xbox. It has numerous events as well as provides features like multiplayer and also has a lot of customization options.

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