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Here Listed 4 Best Mobile Phone Navigation Apps

by Nitin Sinha
Best Mobile Phone Navigation Apps

Mobile phone location apps play a major role in driving the world of taxi-hailing apps and home deliveries. Mobile phone navigation apps help individuals to easily navigate around cities and in countries. They make the act of commuting from one location to another extremely convenient as people no longer have to stop and ask for directions which places them at risk of being misled. This article highlights 4 of the best mobile phone navigation apps.


Google Maps

Goggle Maps is by far the most popular mobile phone location app in the world. The application allows people to easily navigate from one location to another. It utilizes GPS data to identify the user’s location and estimate the best possible route that he or she can take. It also has a means through which one can download and save maps for offline use. The app is free and available for android devices.


Sygic GPS Navigation Maps

The fact that it is the most installed offline GPS application on Google Play store makes Sygic one of the best mobile phone navigation apps in the world. The app has offline navigation maps for almost every country in the world. It also features voice-guided GPS navigation for drivers and pedestrian based GPS navigation that one can use when on foot.



This is another popular mobile phone location app that works both an offline and online. The app provides for lane guidance, voice guidance, estimated arrival times, route selection and specialist cycling routes. It also helps people navigate out of wrong turns.



Maps.me is a free navigation and GPS app that helps individuals navigate around cities regardless of whether they are offline or online. The app offers location bookmarking, traffic data (in some cities) and global support.



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