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Providing You Some Best Mobile Phone Keyboard Apps

by Nitin Sinha
Mobile Phone Keyboard Apps

We spend most of our time on our smartphones these days. It is said that an average person types more than 3000 characters on a smartphone every day. This cannot be false since all of us are guilty of typing away on chat platforms and many other forums every day. Here are some of the keyboard mobile phone apps in India that make typing better and interesting on your smartphone.



Chrooma app is almost as same as the Google keyboard but it has a lot of other options and features. The features like gesture typing, swipe typing, resizing of the keyboard, predictions and more. The cool automatic night mode option makes it one of the mobile phone apps in the news.


This keyboard is one of the famous mobile phone apps in India. It makes your entire typing experience better and easy by means of its features such as AI-based predictions and various themes of the keyboard. The emoji keyboard feature with a wide set of emojis, GIFs makes it very interesting to use. The personalization of the themes is a plus as well.


This one is unanimously one of the best mobile phone apps in India to replace with your phone’s keyboard. This keyboard app is known for its beautiful themes that will make our keyboard look very cool. You can choose to use the theme that matches your style ad personality.


Flesky is famous as the fastest keyboard available in the market for android platforms. It was one of the mobile phone in the news because of its speed and functionality. Apart from high functionalities such as swipe typing, using gestures and so on, this app also gives you a lot of themes to choose from.




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