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Tips And Tricks To Use Mi Wifi Router

by Mukul Sharma
Mi Wifi router

Mi is a popular mobile brand name but it has also entered the Wi-Fi router market and is producing them on large scale. The Mi Wi-Fi routers are durable and have a stylish design which makes you keep it in any corner of the home or office as they perfectly blend with the environment.

There are hundreds of Xiaomi routers as the company has expanded its range and launched new router devices that support Wi-Fi 6 connectivity. Furthermore, Xiaomi has also started implementing its latest technology called orthogonal frequency division multiple devices technology for reducing the network latency.

Whether you are interested in buying single band, dual-band, 4G or 5G W-Fi router, Xiaomi is providing all types of routers that you can instantly buy online or offline. Here we will discuss the tips and tricks to use these Wi-Fi routers.

If you are struggling to reset your Mi Wi-Fi router then do not worry as it is a simple process and it will take less than a minute. All you have to do is find out the reset button and hold it for 5 to 8 seconds and its light will turn yellow. Now keep pressing it and it will become Blue which means that it is successfully reset.

In case you are still unable to reset the router then you can flash it by downloading the stable version of ROM on your laptop or computer.

After the download is done, you now have to go to the router settings then click the option upgrade manually after that scan and select the downloaded ROM to install it.

Is your Mi router making noise?

If your Mi router is making noise then not to worry as this problem can also be solved at home only without taking it to the service centre.

All you need to do is download the ROM and copy it to the root USB driver with the name “miwifi.bin” then click the latest stable version or developer version.

Once the above steps are done then plug the USB into the router and turn off the power.

After you have done turn off the power you need to hold the reset then again switch the power

You will have to wait for 5 to 8 minutes as the system automatically reboots the startup status which shows that the recovery has been successfully done.

If you have bought the Mi Router and are doing the setup for the first time then it is very simple as you just have to switch on the power and plug in the Ethernet cable. On the one side plug in the WAN interface of the router and on the other side connect the internet. Then you can connect the Mi router on your smartphone or laptop/PC then search for the Wi-Fi network and connect.

You can also initialize the Mi router on your browser by directly typing the address this will let the system automatically detect the dial-up connection settings. Now just enter the account name and password.

If you find that the internet speed is not up to the mark, then just turn off the smart speed limit and reduce the number of connected devices as it is usually seen that if any device is using the heavy application then it will get higher internet speed as compared to the other connected devices. Hence it should be made sure that more devices are connected to the Mi router.

However, there are not many devices connected and they are not even using heavy applications. Then you can do the factory reset by holding the reset button for a few seconds. Moreover, you can also remove the bandwidth settings.

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Once you have connected the Mi router but still not getting the internet then you can check again the networking cable that might not be connected properly and just ensure that you have used the correct username and password that was provided by the operator. Still, you can check the connectivity issue by downloading the Mi App and try to open any webpage and see if it is working or not. If it still does not work then you will get a few errors mentioned below.

Error 691: The password is not correct

The solution for this problem is that you need to check whether you entered the correct username and password and if it is right then you will have to again confirm with the network provider and get the new password.

Error 678: The network provider has disallowed you to sign in even after multiple attempts

The solution for this problem is that you can disconnect the network cable and wait for few seconds then switch off the router and try again

If you want to upgrade the firmware then just go to the miwifi.com website and check if there are any latest firmware versions available that can be downloaded. It can also be done by using the Mi-WiFi App.

What to do if the network signals are unstable or the internet speed is low?

Mi WiFi routers

If you are facing low signal or interrupted network issues then, first of all, you need to check the location of the router. If there are too many walls or it is placed in a corner at a lower height or there too many electronic equipments near it then try to place it at a higher position and see there are less electronic devices around it especially the microwave and cordless phones as these devices also works on the same frequencies which might b creating the problem.

So, it is best to place the router on the height with minimum disturbance of other electronic devices that impact the signal strength.

Other things you can do to make it more efficient is by doing manual changes in the channel settings, upgrading the firmware, using the Wi-Fi boost feature in the Mi App, updating the network card driver on your laptop or computer.

If you are able to use the internet on your smartphone but unable to access it on computer or laptop then in this case you need to execute LSP restoration then conduct a network check and take steps accordingly.

If you are using the dial-up connection then you can simply switch on/off the router and see if the router has been restricted to use on some specific devices or not.

The Mi App also shows you the connected devices which mean you can identify if there is no unknown user that has been using the bandwidth so that you can simply disconnect them by remotely using the app and also change the password to unauthorised access to your network in future.

Do you know what LED lights on the Mi router indicate?

Blue light (not flashing): The system is running normally, booting has been successful.

Blue light (flashing): A system update is available.

Yellow light is not flashing: It means that Boot starts up, system starts up, and router reset is required.

Yellow light is flashing: Either the HD is formatted or the hard disk is in recovery.

Red light is not flashing: There is some system error the booting has failed.

Red light is flashing: It means that the system is in a recovery mode.

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