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Review: Different Models Of Panasonic Smart TV

by Arpita
Panasonic TV

Smart TVs are revolutionizing the way we use our televisions. There are so many television brands that have launched smart TVs but Panasonic has definitely been a classic. Let us go through some smart TV reviews of different TV models from Panasonic.


This Panasonic smart TV offers a great range of colors and the screen has crystal clarity. The IPS LED technology adds to the features of this device and makes it special. The UHD technology and all the smart features that are built-in within the device make it super special. It has a 43-inch display and retails for 30,554


This smart TV has a screw-less design with a 55 inch UHD display. The refresh rate of the device is 100 H which is cool. The audio system is co-ordinated by a 20W speaker system. The color preserving technology of the screen captures accurate colors naturally. It has gotten a lot of positive smart TV reviews and retails for 76,999 INR.


This Panasonic smart TV also has the same UHD configuration as the previous one but the display size is quite smaller at 43 inches. The smart configurations of this TV such as swipe and share, multi HDR and mirroring are quite compatible with all the recent smart TVs on the market and are quite functional. You get all these at somewhere around 39,999 INR.


This Panasonic smart TV has a 32 inches full HD display and a refresh rate of 50 Hz. The connectivity configurations are compatible with modern devices and there is inbuilt ‘Alexa’ access. This television has all the features of the bigger FX versions but is more on the compact side. It is a pretty decent buy if you are looking for a mid-range yet fully-functional smart TV experience. This smart TV retails for 21,499 INR.


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