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What Are Some Good Console Games?

by Satish
some good console games

The games played on console are getting popular among the game lovers around the world. Most of the console games available are based on advanced technology, effective background, and superior animated graphics.  The games not only entertain the players but allow them to learn new techniques and technology, while having fun. Some of the highly known and widely played console games are discussed below.

Grand Theft Auto series

Grand Theft Auto series- TechMobi

Rockstar Games are most suitable for phones and tablets. The game Grand Theft Auto can be set according to the choice & requirements. You can play GTA 3, the game with 3D entry. The fan-favorite vice city and the game can be played on an iPhone 4S.

The game uses the language of forum posters and the story is mainly based on Chinatown wars. The liberty city stories are based on city stories which were supported by PS2. You can play games back-to-back. The games are interesting can be enjoyed while playing with family and friends.

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Bully- TechMobi

The game Bully is mainly based on a pack of beasts that snarled around and are part of the game which was designed from history books. It is one of the famous GTA games that have become popular.  The game is based on the environment that’s close to the school rather than a city. According to the history books and the game is more adventurous than many other GTA games available.

The history books may remember Bully as a run in the pack of snarling beasts that make up Rockstar’s back catalog, but there’s a solid argument that itbu’s better than some of the more famous GTA games. The main character of the game ASBO uses a skateboard and rides around and creates a lot of adventure and fun.  The character and the storylines are exciting and create a lot of humor.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog- TechMobi

It was a story about Mario and Sonic. It is one of the classic games that is played on iPhones with its amazing graphics. The game displays different effective ways that make the game effective. In the game, Mario runs Nintendo plumber action that makes the game run perfectly well on the phone or tablet.

The original Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and Sonic CD iOS and Android are the available options offered for the Sonic. Sonic drill supports a 16-bit console and flies at a speed of 90mph. It makes use of extra pixels of modern phones and displays the visuals well. The game can be controlled using gamepad-ports.

Crazy Taxi Classic

Crazy Taxi Classic- TechMobi

It’s a game of crazy taxi and about various unusual actions that become part of the game. The game is highly popular among the game lovers because of its animated background and the way the passengers are picked up and dropped frantically in the city. The entire animation has a 3D effect and the colorful graphics are very eye-catching.

The game is very fast, addictive, and similar to many causal games. The games are also published in a remixed form of cartoon game Crazy Taxi City Rush and suits well as a mobile version. 

Some more console based games are discussed below briefly along with its interesting features.

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