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Why go for MI TV?

by Naina Chauhan

Mi, also known as Xiomi is one of the most popular and top-rated brands which
has blown up the Indian and Foreign market with its great value for money
smartphones. Now Xiomi has come up with its range of smart TVs. Mi TVs are
specially launched for people who can’t afford expensive smart televisions.
Here are a few pertinent reasons why you should go for Mi TV.

#1 Size

Mi has a wide range of TV with a maximum size of the 55-inch panel. For viewers,
they get a wide size range to select from according to their room size. Size of the
TV matters a lot as in a big room small TV size can be strain full for eyes and vice

#2 Technology

This t.v set gives you crystal clear h.d display which means you get more vibrant
and natural color picture as well as sharpness in displayed images and pictures.

#3 Resolution

The maximum resolution Mi offers is 4K ultra high, but it depends on the type of
your Mi smart TV.

#4 Interface

Apart from affordable budget Xiaomi offers a smarter interface as well. Mi
televisions come packed with Android user interface. It makes it easier for a user to
use as well as become tech savvy.

Thus, Mi TV offers wall mounted TV no matter what size you opt for. In this way,
this company is not only providing their customers with an affordable and
economic product but as something which gives a better view of the room.
Apart from all this Mi also offers an unconditional 5 years warranty and 24 hours
service for better customer support and long usability. Overall this is surely a must
buy products for the customer who are looking for good quality in a limited

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