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World’s most dangerous laptop is on bidding

by Naina Chauhan

World’s most dangerous laptop titled as the “The persistence of chaos” is on bidding. It’s kind of weird to hear that the laptop which has such dangerous quality is on sale. So, let’s talk about “The persistence of chaos” it is laptop which consist six most dangerous malware. Till now these malware caused the damage of 100 billion dollar. These malware are – I Love You, My doom, So big, Wanna cry, dark tequila and Black energy.

 1. I Love you” attacks the system by email and file sharing.

2. “My Doom” is Russian spammers also attacks the system by email.

3. “So big” is a type of Trojan virus which spread by viral spam and emails.

4. Wanna cry is most dangerous among the six dangerous malware.

5. “Dark tequila” virus is used for stealing the bank details.

6. “Black energy” virus caused the blackout in Ukraine by cyber attack.

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From these malware, “wanna cry” cause the damage of 100 billion dollar to health department of UK. This laptop is 2008 Samsung NC 10 laptop which is working on operating system windows XP SP 3.  This laptop is made by the Chinese internet artist Gus O Dong in collaboration with New York based cyber-security company Deep Instinct. This laptop is presented as a piece of art and till now bidding amount crossed the value of 1.2 million dollar. This laptop is sold as a piece of art and also for educational purposes and the operational purposes are considered to be illegal.

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This laptop is kept under high security so that it cannot come in contact with other networks. These six malware’s are the most dangerous malware on the earth and they can cause digital harm and direct attack on power grids and also on other means.

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