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4 Best Mobile Phone Games Of All Time

by Arpita
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Mobile phone games are the best way to use your spare time ever since their invention. Even though these games can get addicting sometimes, it is a true fact that they can be very helpful in killing spare time. Let us take a look at some of the best mobile phone games of all time


This is one of the best mobile phone games of all time. Published by the Niantic labs who specialize in augmented reality games, this game demand you to move from place to place in search of Pokémon’s which helps you out in the array of physical activities as well. People find this game very addicting and the stats confirm the hype.


The title of this game will definitely bring about a nostalgic feeling within all gamers. The simple and classic features of this game make it enjoyable to play and people still download the mobile phone game. This game has been around since the era of feature phones. The game mode has not changed much over the years yet remains an old school favorite.


We all know this game as one of the first apps downloaded on the smartphones of all millennial. It was one of its kinds when it first got released and is still considered as one of the best mobile phone games of all time. It is very interesting and addicting and we all are guilty of swiping our phones throughout the day for this game.


This game also belongs to the nostalgic category. We have played this game on our button phones as well and still, people download the mobile phone game to relive their old memories. The gameplay is simple with the style of a classic board game and yet is super addicting


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