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What Is 5G Mobile Network Technology?

by Mukul Sharma

5G is called a fifth-generation mobile network that is the latest wireless standard which allows you to connect the latest compatible devices to access the internet at high speed. It was launched in 209 in India by several cellular companies to provide high-end connectivity to the latest smartphones, machines, and other devices.

The cellular companies divide their service areas based on small geographical areas which are called cells. In these cells, all compatible devices are connected to the internet, telephone network and radio waves with the help of a local antenna in that cell.

What are the advantages of a 5G network?

With 5G connectivity can enjoy higher bandwidth which means higher download speed which goes up to 10 GB per second and due to the high-speed connectivity and bandwidth other devices like PC, laptop and other desktop computers can also be connected by using cable internet.

To use a 5G network you need to have a latest compatible device like you will not be able to use your 4G smartphone for 5G connectivity. 

It uses higher frequency radio waves that have a shorter range as compared to the previous 4G, 3G, and 2G networks, so, local antennas are set up to provide the maximum range to all the connected devices. Hence, to make the 5G connectivity area wider it operates on three frequency bands i.e low, medium, and high with three different cells.

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These three cells would require different antennas with different download speeds which would vary on the distance and service area.

If you own a 5G smartphone then it will automatically connect itself to the nearest antenna with the highest speed available in your location to get high bandwidth.

Low band 5G speed would be equal to a 4G network which means that it will operate on 600 to 700 MHz but the download speed would be a bit higher than a 4G network.

What is the maximum 5G speed?

5G connectivity speed

As mentioned above, to use a 5G service you would require a 5G compatible device and if you own one then you can get up to 20GPS download speed but the minimum requirement is a Snapdragon X55 or Snapdragon X60 Modem-RF System processor in your mobile.

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