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Android Versions from Cupcake to Pie

by Tech Desk
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As the name suggests here in this article we would be discussing about some Android Versions till date.

Since its launch, Google’s Mobile OS Android has undergone

  • Visual
  • Conceptual and
  • Functionality Level


We are naming all of them and explaining few of them:

  • Android v1.0-1.1
  • Android v1.5 : Cupcake
  • Android v1.6 : Donut
  • Android v2.0-2.1 : Eclair
  • Android v2.2 : Froyo
  • Android v2.3 : Gingerbread
  • Android v3.0-3.2 : Honeycomb
  • Android v4.0 : Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Android v4.1-4.3 : Jelly Bean
  • Android v4.4 : KitKat
  • Android v5.0-5.1 : Lollipop
  • Android v6.0 : Marshmallow
  • Android v7.0-7.1 : Nougat
  • Android v8.0-8.1 : Oreo
  • Android v9.0 : Pie


  • Android v1.0 to v1.1

Android v1.0 to v1.1- TechMobi

It was the official Android official release back in 2008 and hadn’t any cute codename in the beginning alike present days. It had basic level Google apps like Gmail, Maps, Calendar and YouTube all integrated into the OS.

  • Android v1.5 : CupCake

Android v1.5 Cup Cake- TechMobi

Named Cupcake, it came out in early 2009. It had numerous refinements like On-screen keyboard. It had options for third party apps and it gave Android devices the video recording ability for the very first time since their inception.

  • Android v1.6 : Donut

Android v1.6 Donut- TechMobi

It came out in the fall of 2009. It gave Android devices an ability to operate on a variety of different screen sizes and resolutions. It also gave support for CDMA networks like Verizon.

  • Android v7.0-7.1 : Nougat

Android v7.0-7.1 Nougat- TechMobi

It was released in 2016 and provided Android devices native split-screen functionality, a new bundled by app system for organizing notifications and a Data Saver feature. Nougat added some smaller but still relevant features like an Alt-Tab-like shortcut for app snapping.

  • Android v9.0 : Pie

Android-v9.0-Pie- TechMobi

It is the most recent Android version in the market. It was launched just last month i.e. August, 2018. It has an all new gesture navigation system replacing traditional Android Back, Home and Overview keys for a single multifunctional Home button and a series of gesture-based commands.

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