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Here Provide You Some Mobile Phone Apps In The News

by Nitin Sinha
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Google Drive

Smartphones are ruling this technological era and this would not have been possible without the help of mobile phone applications or apps. There are so many apps released into the market everyday but most of them go unnoticed for different reasons. Let us take a look into some mobile phone apps in the news.



This app is mainly used for security purposes and has very stand-out features. One of the main things that made this app famous is that it helps to grant access for apps to various features of your phone such as location on a temporary scale. For example, if you open google maps, the app gives access to the location temporarily and later disables it once you come out of the app which is very cool.


Drive is undoubtedly one of those mobile phone apps in the news. This cloud storage platform fro Google is now incorporated into the lives of almost every one with smartphones. You get access to 15 GB of cloud storage for free and you can opt to buy more if needed. It incorporates all the features such as sheets, slides, photos, Docs, Calendar and so on.


This newly launched app is one of the best mobile phone apps in India for weather. It has a simple interface and you get the weather report for 12 weeks on this app. All the features are available for free and you need to pay an additional charge of $1.99 in order to remove the ads.


Google maps have always been our source of rescue and have kept us from getting lost during most times. This is the reason why it is among the mobile phone apps in the news. It is one of its kinds and is super reliable. It should be evident by the number of users the app has!




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