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Here We’re Giving Best Mobile Phone Assistant Apps

by Arpita
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The technology has developed so much and introduced people with the concept of artificial intelligence. Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Google Home, and many other technologies have been introduced which assist humans. These assistants have definitely been introduced in the market to make your life more simple, comfortable and fun. Sitting at a place you can just instruct the assistant to perform certain tasks for you. What can be more wonderful than that?

Let us have a look at some of the best mobile phones assistant apps which makes your life simpler.

  1. Google Assistant: Google assistant is one of the best mobile phone apps for Android users. It can help you in performing basic tasks such as making calls, sending texts, creating and sending emails, setting alarms, giving weather reports and news updates. Google Assistant can also be used for navigation purposes. Apart from that you can play games and play music using Google Assistant.
  2. Siri: Siri is the artificial assistant in iOS devices. Siri can perform various tasks like making calls and sending texts without the user even touching the phones. It works on voice commands and is very efficient. Siri also helps you in setting alarms and reminders for important dates and meetings.

  3. Microsoft Cortana: Microsoft Cortana is one of the mobile phones assistant apps for Windows phones. This assistant also helps in making calls and sending messages. Similar to Google Assistant and Siri, even Cortana works on voice recognition. This is one of the best artificial assistants.

  4. Lyra: Another beautiful application that works on artificial intelligence is the Lyra app. This is the best mobile phone apps which is a cross-platform virtual assistant. This can be installed on both Android as well as iOS platforms. The interface is easy and user-friendly.

These are some of the best mobile assistant applications.

Article By: Nitin


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