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Want to Password Protect Your Document: Here are The Steps

by Meghashree Das

A document often contains some valuable information such as bank credentials. Sometimes, the documents contain financial statements of an organization. If you do not want the document to get in the wrong heads, encryption is the solution. To protect the documents, it is necessary to protect the document with an encryption password. 

The encryption password protects the document from any unauthorized access. It further safeguards the document from malware & viruses. Encryption or password protection ensures that no one else can access the document.

A document is password-protected when it contains classified information. It can be used in high-class offices, or even for personal use. Encryption ensures that the information does not land in the hands of any wrong person. 

You can protect your document by providing a password. Password creation is an easy process & can be done in a few simple steps.

The Steps to Password Protect Your Document are

Windows PC

  1. Open the Ms word document which you want to password-protect. Open the file in your PC.
  2. Click on the “Info” option present on the home taskbar. 
  3. An option for “password protection” will show in the drop-down menu.
  4. Select the option. A dialog box will appear. 
  5. Select “encrypt with password”. 
  6. Enter your desired combination making a password. The password needs to be correctly entered several times to ensure correctness.
  7. You can also enter security questions. These questions will enable you to access documents in case if you forgot the password. 
  8. Enter on “Apply” to finish the process.
  9. Now, your document is fully encrypted. 

From the next time, you will need to enter the password for viewing the document. 

You can always share the password with your trusted sources. It will further provide you with the option to share it with only selected people. 

You can also password protect your document on a MAC computer. 

The Steps to Password Protect Your Document are


  1. Open Microsoft Word on your Mac computer.
  2. After opening the application, select the document you want to password-protect.
  3. After opening the document, click on the “Review” option present in the home tab.
  4. A drop-down menu will spear. Click on “protect” option next. 
  5. Click on “protect document” next to initiate the process.
  6. Mac provides you with two options- either provide a password or change the security settings.
  7. If you want to protect with a password, enter your desired password. Click on “Apply” to finalise it. 
  8. Now, your document is fully encrypted with a password. 

Encrypting the document provides you with a sense of security also. It guarantees that no other person apart from you can access your document. 

Encrypting a document provides other benefits also. It also maintains the integrity of the secret information shared. For example, if someone shared some classified information, encrypting the document will be a good way. it will protect the information & will be instrumental in framing future information. 


Encryption is the need of an hour. To curb all the unethical practices, password-protection is necessary. It is essential in providing a secure means of communication. Encryption allows you to share documents without any fear of the document landing in the wrong hands. 

With the modern age & tools, there are many options at our disposal. It provides you with many ways of securing your document. Similarly, Microsoft windows provide you with the means of securing your document. With the easily available options, what are you waiting for? Secure your document with a password today!

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