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How You Socialize More By Maintaining ‘Social Distancing’?

by Aditi Singh
Social distancing

“Social distancing” is a phrase that was not as important as it is now. These days, we often hear it. It is all about physically stay away from other people to protect ourselves and others too and ensure that our hospitals have enough room for those who really need it in this situation where novel coronavirus is playing its game. And yes, it is really very important.

Sheltering in a place and keeping yourself away from the people. If you are missing your family and friends, here are some apps, services, and ideas that can make your quarantine period a little less boring. Let’s see what are they..

Netflix and chill

Might be you are not able to sit next to your partner or best friend and watch Netflix together by sharing the same couch. But you both can hold onto your respective couches and watch and enjoy together.  Now, it’s a great time to watch whatever you have always wanted to but never had enough time.

  • Netflix Party

Netflix party is a Google extension that requires both the person to be using chrome on desktop and it works pretty well. First, you both need to install the extension. Then go to Netflix, line up episodes and then simply click the little NP icon in your extension bar. It will split out the link which you can share with your partner. Both the person will enjoy the same episode together and there is a built-in chat interface where both can enjoy in peace.

  • Kast

Kast is similar to Netflix Party, but the best part is that it allows sharing the screen.  Which means games, shows, and videos are all fair here. The interface is not that much good but the benefit of kast is that it works on both phones and desktop.

  • Or simply use your phone

There is no need for fancy services to watch shows and movies with your partner or friends. Just agree on something to watch together, fix the time and enjoy together. For some real experience open the chat window to get some more laugh together.

Video Chatting

Video chatting is never losing its fan. And social distancing has given the whole new phrase”oh I miss your face.” So take your phones and tablets out and just connect with your loved ones. There are so many apps that provide this feature like Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, Google Hangouts or Zoom.

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More ways to socialize together


If you want to try some creative way, then there are plenty of ideas to party with your pals. You can do various things like,

  • Make  Spotify Playlist Together

Take advantage of Spotify’s collaborative feature and make a list of songs together. you just need to create a new playlist and hit the three dots. Then click the collaborative Playlist and simply copy the playlist link within the same menu. Send it to your partner and he/she will also be able to enjoy the same track.

  • Start a Book Club

If you and your friends have an interest in reading books then you can simply create a book club by using a new ebook and set the date to discuss the details. Like kindle, it is free to use on your phones and desktop and easily accessible.

I hope these methods of making your social distancing interesting and let you help in fighting with this isolation period because of the coronavirus. Enjoy your days and hope for the best days to come.

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