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The Best and the Most Popular Job Apps

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Popular Job Apps

[story-lines]The dilemma of what job suits you best after college, or the need to switch from one job to another or just the need to start work after a sabbatical leads you to the various job apps….. Jobs at your fingertips. Now you can download these apps on your smartphone and hunt for a job…. Who knows you might land up your dream job… thanks to one of the many job apps. These jop apps offer a job suited to your qualifications and skills. You want to work for a company that fulfills all your dreams of making it big with regards to pay scale, working conditions, growth and career oppurtunities.

The best and the most popular job apps are as follows:

  • Indeed:

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This app scans through thousands of options available and shortlists the ones that suit you the best. Its in-app facility allows you to send a resume from their platform and apply for the same.

  • Jobs by CareerBuilder.com:

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This app allows you to apply in almost 2 million company listings. This app doesn’t require an account you can upload your resume from your google+ account. It will notify you on any job openings too.

  • LinkedIn:

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The most popular job app, LinkedIn has a major following in the corporate world. If you want to get hired or are hiring someone you can view the profile and find the best option available. The vast data base of LinkedIn provides academic, professional, skills and other required details for job openings.

  • Monster:

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This app is one of the biggest job platforms. It aggregates your search and finds one that fits the bill.

  • Snagajob:

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This job app particularly helps those who are looking for hourly work at retail outlets, restaurants etc. you can look for a job based on your location, job criteria and type of job.

  • Switch:

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The job search app of the future where you can swipe right to left while searching for a job and if an interested employer is also swiping left to right then you can a match… much like the dating apps.

  • LinkUp:

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This popular job app keeps its data base abreast with the current job openings. If any job is taken, then it removes the same making it the most up to date.

  • Glassdoor:

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Another very popular job app is Glassdoor which allows access to thousands of openings. This app allows you to review the company and see the way it has been reviewed by old and current employees.

The search for the perfect job can both be exhausting and worrisome. With the help of job apps you can easily find a profile that suits you and brings you closer to your dream professional satisfaction.


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