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Top Mobile Phones In The Market And Their Comparison

by Naina Chauhan
Top mobile phones in the market and their comparison

Samsung, Apple, Motorola and Blackberry were considered as the leaders of the mobile
phones market, the technology produced by each brand was very different from each other.
New brands have also showcased their power in the market by selling products at a lower
price with similar features. Here are the top 3 brands which are doing great in the market (in
the month of May 2019)

Samsung S10+

Samsung S 10+ is the last model of the S 10 series (which also comes in S 10 e and S 10 model).
This model is known for being the highest tech mobile phone in the current market which
allows wireless charging and at the same time, you can charge other electronic devices which
support wireless charge. This model comes with a 512 Gb storage and 1 TB storage which is
equal to the storage space available in a laptop with an 8 GB RAM, this indicates that there
are no chances of lagging while playing games and more. This phone consists of 5 cameras, 3
rear cameras (wide, Ultra-wide, telephoto) which allows you to capture the beauty as it is
without worrying about the angle and 2 front cameras for great selfies and live focus with
dual pixel sensor. This phone costs around Rs.70,000 to Rs.80,000.

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Huawei P 30 Pro:

This is the only phone which has beaten the sales of the iPhone brand apart from Samsung
who is the market leader. This brand has provided the best features of any smartphone that
the consumer would want in his or her smartphone. With 3 rear cameras
(40 MP+20 MP+*MP) and a front camera (32 MP) offers Leica Quad Camera quality to the
consumers. This phone offers a dual sim slot with a 42 mAH battery which makes the mobile
phone last for more than a day during an average use of the phone. It is an 8 GB RAM phone
with a 256 GB internal storage space, which is being sold at Rs. 71,999.

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One Plus 7 Pro:

This is a new model by the One-plus brand in the market and is considered as one of the top
mobile phones in the current market. This phone provides 256 GB internal storage with 8 GB
RAM and 128 GB internal storage with 6 GB RAM at Rs.52,999 and Rs.48,999 respectively.
The 40 MP rear camera comes in three forms: wide, ultra-wide and telephoto and a 16 MP
front camera.

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