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Type C mobile phone

by Naina Chauhan
Type C mobile phone – 2

One of the irritating things that you are bound to come across with old mobile phones is that they may
take a lot longer to get charged. This can be downright frustrating which is why you need to check out
the Type C mobile phones. Type C mobile phones are those phones that come with USB C port cable
that makes it possible for you to charge your phone at lightning speed. What’s special about this cable is
the fact that you can use either end to charge your phone. You would no longer have to scramble
around, looking for the charging end for as far as this cable goes, and any end is fine. And that is all the
more reason for you to want to check out the type c mobile phone.

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The variety in the market

Yes, more models are getting launched every quarter and it should not come as a surprise that some of
them already feature USB C port which makes for easy convenience. Some of the top brands are using a
different type of cord to charge their respective phones. But one hopes that by next year, they would
launch their latest flagship model with a USB C port. The USB C port does not take up much space and it
is more convenient for the end user to use the same to get his phone charged or to transfer his files with
ease. This is why you should check out some of the type c mobile phones.

The pricing factor

While initially, the TYPE C USB cord was introduced with only a few select brands, it is not that expensive
and naturally it has spread to other brands as well. So you should not be that surprised to see it being
featured on some of the budget and low end phones in the near future. And if you happen to own a low
end phone, then you should know that you can use this USB cord to speed up the charging process and
even to transfer files from one phone to another, with ease.

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