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4 Best Cell Phone Games For Groups

by Nitin Sinha
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Being in a group with friends hanging out is certainly what everyone likes. Going to a party and enjoying all the little games just makes every moment even more memorable. Earlier we just use to dig up our old board games and make the setup. But that is not the scene now. We have got some amazing cell phone games for groups which are even more fun than the usual board games. These games just require no setup or clean up and we do not even need any material for it. We can just play it on our mobile phones.
Let’s see the 4 Best cell phone games for a group which can be played anywhere and can be enjoyed by everyone:

1. Heads Up: It is a game which was originally featured on an English talk show and grew to fame after that. It is a fun game where the person holding the phone should guess the things appearing on the screen while the other members of the team help them to guess what it is.
2. Never Have I Ever: This is one of the most classic games and truly the most fun game to play. All the team members should speak out one thing which they have never done before and all the other people who have done it have to take a sip of their drink.
3. Sing Karaoke: Instead of going to a fancy place for karaoke you can do it at your home. A mobile phone for games is the best option now for a house party. These cell phone games for groups are a really fun activity which will keep all your guests entertained even at home.
4. Psych: This is a game that is all based on your wittiness. There will be a question which will appear on everyone’s screen and everyone need to answer it. The answers will be revealed later and the best answer wins. It is a really fun game to play with friends in a group.

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