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4 Camera Angles For Your Perfect Selfie

by Nitin Sinha
Perfect Selfie

Capturing awesome selfies has become an important factor for most of us. In this era, where your social media influence talks a lot about you, there is no harm in putting a little effort to capture the best selfie you can. If you master your lightings and angles, you can master the art of taking perfect selfies. Here are some of the best camera angles to capture the best selfie.

This classic camera angle is the best for taking selfies. You have to lift your phone at a slanted angle slightly above your face and away from it. This way, all your features get a sharp focus and your face will look more attractive in the selfie.
This can be quite risky for someone with a little double chin. However, if you have a stunning jaw-line, this angle might enhance it several times. The shadows of your face from this angle will help you almost nicely contour your face. You can use the help of those camera apps to get the perfect click
Mirror selfies are always cool. If you happen to find a fancy-looking mirror, pull out your phone and click a cool picture. The tip to remember here is, when you take the selfie, look at the reflection of your camera lens on the mirror for getting the best look. Make sure that the sides of the mirror are lit for getting the best picture.
Place your phone on one of your hands and position it in front of your face at almost a straight angle. Lean back and position yourself in such a way that you get a proper image of your face. This angle can be great if you are taking pictures in natural light. Some camera apps can help you add certain filters and edits to make your selfie better.

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