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Best Camera Angles & Shots That Highlight Photography Skills

by Nitin Sinha
Camera Angles And Shots

A well-established shooting session has two things in common – both depend on camera aperture that shoots and the angles & shots that make the trailer worth remembering for a customer.  Let’s look at some of the best camera angles and shots:



1. Close up shots

Perhaps the most common of all shots is the closeup and extreme close up shot. Often used to perfectly capture the facial features of any characters in a shoot, a close up is widely used in the entertainment industry in various roles.

2. Long shots

As the name would suggest, long shots are usually done to understand and depict a character in length i.e in full body from head to toe. The shot may or may not enclose the surroundings of the subject being shot.

3. Point of View shots

Point of view shots became famous as they depicted a real-time feeling of the subject being shot. New age technology has now allowed POV shots to be done with the motion picture in place.

4. Medium shots

Medium shots typically show you the “medium” range of the photo. The subject can she shot from top to waist with or without the surroundings being captured.



1. Over the shoulders angle

Over the shoulders is a great shot that works well when a subject is trying to be put into a certain perspective with its surroundings.

2. High angle

High angles make for great camera angles and shots. They are often used when a shot is taken from a higher ground of the subject and the surroundings look small or insignificant in front of them.

3. Low angle

When people use low angle on shots, the surroundings look bigger or larger. Makes for great storyteller camera angles and shot.

4. Eye-level angle

This is the most interesting camera angle as it lets a shot being taken at the same physical level as a subject. It makes a great angle because the viewers have a non-manipulated way to observe the subject’s actions.




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