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The 5 Best Home Speakers Of 2020

by Aditi Singh
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The speakers have become a necessity than a luxury today. The home speakers are available in various sizes, shapes, designs, and are available at the prices ranging from higher-end to the lower. In order to enjoy the music and to spend time nicely during the day, you can use the home speakers to have a stylish look, multi-room set-up, and well-supported advanced connectivity. The wireless speakers are easy to manage and have all the advanced features including assistants and built-in support for all types of streaming formats.

Find out about the best home speakers for 2020 from the list given below for your homes.  The details of the speakers are discussed along with its features and performances that help in easier deals.

Best Home Speakers

 1. Sonos One The Best Wireless Home Speakers

Home Speaker

It is one of the superior quality speakers that are light in weight, compact in size and having easily connected to Bluetooth, AirPlay, Google Cast, Spotify Connect and other options. The speaker with full-bodied structure and powerful sound capacity works well on the multi-room platform and can be used in the house parties to have all fun.

The speaker with exceptional design can easily manage the combination of Alexa and Sonos. Both get connected well and work according to the stereo setup offering the best of results.

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  • Nicely designed
  • Higher sound capacity
  • Makes Combines best of Alexa and Sonos


  • No Google Assistant

2. Sonos Play-5 the high-quality home Speaker

Home Speakers

It is excellent flagship speaker with the integrated system.  The home speaker is about 6 kg of weight and medium in size.  The home speaker supports various connectivity options such as AirPlay, Bluetooth 4.2, Google cast, RCA along with Drivers: 3 x tweeters, 1 x woofer.

Sonos is one of the oldest companies in the market. It has been offering speaker business services at all different levels using advanced machinery and flawless techniques. It also offers Tidal, Apple Music, Deezer services with complete surround system.


  • Easy setup
  • Clean & loud Sound


  • Ordinary design

3. Pure Evoke C-F6: Amazing Stereo System

home speakers

The flashy speaker has a refined look and it can easily fit into any decorated background with ease. The modern technology is well-fitted and the attractive look of the home speaker gets all attention. It has powerful connectivity and can make use of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ethernet with no Google cast support. The useful app helps you to control the speakers and allows natural sound to be played over the home speakers

The stereo system has a set of a dazzling array of audio source options. It can be used with Internet Radio, old CD playback. It will be an enjoyable movement when the songs of different format can stream over the place to have all fun.


  • Eye-catching design
  • User-friendly options


  • No support from Google Cast

4. Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Speaker: Stunning Sound System

home speakers

The speaker is nicely designed with striking colors. The device is lightweight, medium in size. It has 1 x Subwoofer, drivers – 2 x Tweet and 2 x Mid-range.  The speaker can easily get connected to the AirPlay, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth aptx and Ethernet and work seamlessly.

The home speaker is very effective while playing the sounds. It has the bass which remains distortion-free and its mid-range remains nice and punchy.  The various connectivity options can be easily controlled with the help of obscure apps and speaker offers the best musical tunes.


  • Creative design
  • Stunning sound system


  • No multi-room feature

5. Mu-So Qb: Super Hi-Fi Speaker

home speakers

The home speaker can be easily placed and it can easily run Spotify Connect, Bluetooth and even Ethernet. It can also stream sounds of different formats using USP port. The speaker with vibrant color, stylish looks and premium quality sound is highly popular among the users. The company Naim audio has come out with this trendy speaker with outstanding quality output.

The speaker can get easily connected to the external devices and can be easily controlled.  The speaker has a crystal-clear display screen and soft-touch control panel. With the help of easy internet access, you can easily access Internet radio stations and enjoy the music.


  • Stylish looks  
  • Vibrant sound effects


  • Complex setup functions

Bottom Line:

The home speakers have brought new ways of musical shows and concerts at your homes. You can get a variety of, colorful and stylish home speakers which not only allow you to have all fun and musical enjoyment but it looks elegant and a perfect match to the home-décor. You can choose the best one from the list given above for your home.

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