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Check Out These Camera Drones To Take Excellent Arial Shots

by Naina Chauhan
camera drone

Humans are considered as ‘Visual beings’ in general. Cameras play a very significant role in
today’s age where everything has become more visual. There are various types of cameras
out there including your SLRs, DSLR’s, Mobile cameras, Camera Drone etc that are being
used in our day to day lives to capture various things.

While each one of these types of cameras has its specific functionality set as well as
application, camera drones are mostly used to capture aerial views of anything. They are the
cheapest and the most feasible options in order to capture anything from an aerial perspective
for various purposes. Let us take a look at few of those Camera drones and the camera


This camera drone has a very good configuration with respect to the quality of the camera as
well as the clarity of the frames and shots captured. It can shoot 4 k videos at HDR. It has a
flight time of 31 minutes at the maximum which is quite commendable. The resolution of the
camera is 20 MP. The camera price is still on the higher end. The product retails for about
1500 USD but the price is definitely worth its features.

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DJI Inspire camera drone is quite bigger in size when compared to the previous one and has
the complete 360 degree rotation feature that would enable you to get amazing shots. The
camera quality is slightly lesser compared to the previous one which is at 12 MP. The
maximum time of flight is around 18 minutes and has a very interesting double operator
mode as well as multiple switchable camera systems. The camera price is also a little lesser
than the previous counterpart. This bird retails for some rate around 1225 USD which is still
quite pricey.

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