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Why GTA San Andreas is still the Best GTA game ever

by Shoubhik Sen
GTA San Andreas

There are a very few games that are revered by multiple generations and GTA is one of them. Out of all these, GTA San Andreas remains the undisputed king. So why does a 2004 game hold so much reverence in spite of newer and better looking versions existing. Today we find out.

Memorable Characters

Whether it’s the memes or the sheer amount of time spent on the story, everybody knows and cares Carl Johnson (CJ). “Ahh shit!! Here we go again!!” remains one of the most iconic character intoductions.

GTA San Andreas Characters

Talking about iconic characters, GTA San Andreas also has memorable side characters like Sweet, Big Smoke, Ryder, Tenpenny among others. You develop a sense of belonging with these guys around and start caring for them. Thus, you end up getting more invested in the story.

As you grow up to love these characters, important story points like Ryder’s and Big Smoke’s betrayal hit you harder. Additionally, you end up feeling more a part of the GROVE STREET FAMILY.

One of the Best GTA Storylines

As mentioned before, CJ’s “Ahh Shit, Here we go Again” has inspired numerous memes and internet culture. Secondly who can forget that memorable train chase sequence and Big Smoke’s iconic “All you had to do was follow that damn train CJ” line.

Apart from these lines, the story is also worth all the hours spent on your consoles. As CJ, you tend to start from Grove Street with your “family”. You then go on to do jobs and heists across Los Santos (a variant of LA). Furthermore, you even go on to explore new cities like the Vegas-inspired Las Venturas, apart from the farmlands and deserts in between.

San Andreas

This game allows you to team with all kinds of criminals including Grove Street Gang Members, Vagos Gang Members, Chinese Triads, Hippies and in many cases, even with the police. Moreover, you always have Officer Tenpenny on your back, creating trouble for you throughout. Thus, his death in the end gives you a different level of satisfaction.

Big and Immersive Map

GTA San Andreas was perhaps one of the first GTA games to properly feature multiple cities and landscapes in 1 single map. The streets of Los Santos, the casinos of Las Venturas, the small towns on the way, an Area 51 like location, deserts, farmlands and much more.


San Andreas is a map that keeps offering more you play it. Such a big and immersive map provides longevity to the game. Thus, renders it a classic over time.

Great Side Missions

Along with the above, what ensures GTA San Andreas’s longevity are its side missions. Whether you hop onto a taxi, firetruck or even a police car, there are a set of missions for each and every one of them. Additionally, you can even work as a Paramedic in an ambulance.

This ensures that even after you finish the main story, you have a number of things left to try out. Additionally, you may even be lucky to encounter a police foot chase. In such a case, apprehending the culprit will fetch you Citizen’s Bonus of aroud $50.

Moreover, there are a number of gymnasiums open to players. You can make CJ build his body up by doing a variety of exercises. Additionally, you can also try out some boxing and martial arts; who knows, you might even get a girlfriend there (martial artist Katie).

And if you do not know what to do at all?? Try out performing stunt shows with cycles and bikes and cars. You can even spray paint the Ballas Gang signs with your own Grove Street Signs.

One of the Best GTA gameplays

Though the graphics may not be top notch, GTA San Andreas is still one of the smoothest running game in the GTA Franchise. In fact, the jumping mechanics of this game surpass any of the next gen GTA games. Secondly, you can traverse the map with everything , from bikes to cars to buses, trains, air crafts and even rocket launchers

San Andreas also introduces a new feature to eat, drink as well as shop for clothes and get a haircut. A relatively less interesting feature, but one that makes this world more realistic and lively.

With such a huge map and so many playable aspects, the game still never lags. Secondly, the travel and combat is also way ahead of its time. Present GTA games have done away with the fast motion graphics.

You could see this motion blur when you drove or rode too fast. A small detail, yet cool to see and play. Additionally, the world seems more lively due to the different kinds of NPCs. In GTA SA, not every pedestrian you attack is a scared common man,some even fight back.

Another good detail is that you can find rival gang members at street corners, who will attack you once you come into their sights. This gives an interesting and unexpected twist to the game. Another rather bizarre one is the fact that you can change the size of the moon by sniper shooting at it.

Cheat Codes

Being a 90s and 00s kid, no game was complete without Cheat Codes. GTA San Andreas also offered a range of it. these included almost everything including: –

  • Extra Health bar
  • Unlimited Money and Ammo
  • Super High Jumping Ability
  • Death Punch
  • Weapon Range
  • Spawned Tank & Jetpack
  • Getting rid of wanted levels

and the list goes on and on!!!!!!!!

Final words on GTA San Andreas

Cheat codes or not, GTA San Andreas still continues to be one of the best gaming experiences of this era. CJ, Big Smoke, Sweet, Ryder all of them continue to remain iconic characters and Grove Street still rules the hearts of people.

This was one of the earliest open world experiences, and with so much to do, it did attract a huge audience. Thus, GTA San Andreas is still one of the best games ever.

PS. There are no easter eggs on the top of the red bridge that’ only accessible through jetpack!!

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