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Top 5 Most Trusted Home Automation Companies in the USA

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Home Automation Companies

Home automation is the smart system that gives you access to control electronic devices in your home from your mobile device from anywhere in the world. A smart home powered by home automation is a home where almost everything in the home including the appliances, lights, security, cooling and heating systems, smoke detectors, doors and windows, locks, surveillance cameras, electrical outlets, sensors and all are linked to a remotely controllable network.

Home automation involves the programming and scheduling of events for the devices on the network like commands such as having your lights turn on or off at specific times each day. It can also include non-scheduled events, such as turning on all the lights in your home when your security system alarm is triggered. The world has been revolutionized by the advent of home automation and companies the world over are joining in the revolution.

Many companies have carved a niche for themselves in home automation in the USA. Here is a list of the best few:

Notion – The Company has you covered on all fronts. It alerts you when a door is open, it can be any door the main door, refrigerator door etc, if lights are on, temperature has changed, and water is leaking and much more. It lets you set notifications on what alerts you want to receive on your iPhone or Android device. And to top it, it takes practically 5 minutes to set up the sensors and pairing to Wi-Fi.

HomeSeer – An award winning company known for its quality and innovation. It works with innumerable media management applications, operating systems, web browsers, and security and HVAC systems. It works through automatic, manual, and voice control options so you can use it in multiple ways, whether you’re home or away, through its remote access functionality. You can customize the home automation system according to your budget and need.

Control4 – It is a robust, scalable home automation system that can be hardwired or wireless, depending on your needs. It offers customization to include the home automation features that are important to you — from whole house audio to a secure network of cameras to door locking mechanisms and light and temperature controls. You can access it with your smart phone, tab, laptop or touchpad.

Vera – A very powerful name in home automation, Vera’s software can connect with any web browser or Android and iOS smartphone app means maximum control when you are away from home. The technology also allows for programming to randomize when lights go on and off to deter thieves that often track this information. This home automation system is compatible with many types of cameras and motion detectors as well as peripheral items like smoke detectors, door sensors, and light bulbs, which can then be controlled through its powerful remote functionality.

Savant – A boon for many Apple users the company offers low cost home automation solutions. It runs on Mac OS X systems and requires professional installation. It controls all aspects of your home and can be run from anywhere remotely.

These Home Automation companies in the USA offer the best solutions to your needs and fit into your budget too.

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