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by Naina Chauhan
cell phone charging station

If your mobile phone battery is fast running out of juice and you do not have your charger with you at
the moment, then you can always head to the nearest mobile phone charging station. Most department
stores feature a mobile phone charging station which you can use to charge your phone. And they often
come with different chargers and you can choose the appropriate one and get your phone charged right
away. It is not that surprising to come across a mobile phone charging station at a theater or even a
museum. The fact is that most mobile phone uses often forget to bring along their mobile phone
chargers and a handy mobile phone charging station can make all the difference.

Why are mobile phone charging stations necessary?

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As stated earlier, most mobile phone users do not carry their chargers with them when they head out
and a handy mobile phone charging station can just about prevent your phone from conking out on
account of a dead battery. Of course, you may not be able to fully charge your phone at these charging
stations since there would be others who would want to charge their respective phones as well. But
even a 15 minute charge should last you well for over two hours which should be ample enough time for
you to head home and to get your phone charged with your own charger.

What you need to know?

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There are a couple of things that you need to know when using these public stations for charging your
phone. The first is that when you are charging your phone, it is always advisable to stay with the phone.
You do not just plug it in and walk away, since anyone can lift your phone and head out with it. And if
your phone happens to be a smart phone or a high end premium phone then it makes all the more
sense that you would choose to stick close by. The other point that you may want to consider is that not
all the chargers displayed at a charging station would be compatible with your phone so you need to
check them out and choose the right one.

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