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Canon EOS DSLR & EOS M Mirrorless, The Most Popular Camera

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Canon Camera

Canon is a Japanese corporation that specializes in the manufacturing of imaging and optical products like cameras, camcorders, printers, steppers, photocopiers and medical equipment’s. Since 1984 Canon has been manufacturing and distributing digital cameras. The first digital camera started with RC-701 followed by PowerShot, Digital IXUS series and the EOS series of DSLR including the high-end professional camera models.

Canon is one of the top environment and climate-friendly organization. The cameras are lightweight, very versatile with state of the art features. They have fixed lens flexibility, mirrorless cameras, DSLR’s and many others. Canon cameras boast of innovative technology that is the best in the market. Their cameras can broadly be divided into these main categories:

Interchangeable Lens Cameras    


  • EOS R System is built on the lens mount that offers dynamic ways to capture all your memories redefining boundaries of photography and filmmaking. It can fit into your existing EOS system with ease thanks to the phenomenal RF lenses plus compatibility with the EF and EF-S range. It offers a full-frame 30.3 Megapixel sensor with Dual Pixel CMOS AF for super-fast, accurate focusing and high-resolution capture. It is perfect for the agile filmmaker, offering responsive lenses and 4K video recording.
  • EOS DSLR – This offers an optical viewfinder via a prism and reflex mirror system so you can see the subject with your own eye through the lens. These preserve detail in highlights and shadows, low noise images straight from the camera and shallow depth of field for stunning portraits. They’re built to deliver professional results with every shot you take. Whether you are a beginner or a professional this range will satisfy all your needs.
  • EOS M Mirrorless – These offer flexibility and convenience with high image quality in both movies and stills.

Fixed Lens Cameras

Fixed Lens Camera

  • Bridge Cameras offer the biggest optical zooms, a DSLR grip, and full creative control.
  • Superzoom Cameras – These fit superzoom lenses into super compact, stylish camera bodies.
  • Point and Shoot Cameras – These are very stylish and easy to use. They are compact and pocketable. They make shooting pictures and sharing them very easy.

These are the Camera range of Canon which offers a variety like low light cameras, underwater and adventure cams, travel cams, Wi-Fi cams and much more under its umbrella.

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