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Your Phone Will Be Charged Before You Finish Breakfast! MWC 2022 Showcases Mind Baffling Charging Speeds

by Shatakshi Gupta

In this tech-driven age, mobile phones have become the lifeline of our everyday functioning. Our smartphones have become so indispensable that we often do not get enough time to recharge our batteries. To rescue us from this situation companies are bringing cutting edge technologies in the field of battery recharging. Recently, at Mobile World Congress, two companies have shown the upcoming charging capabilities that will completely revolutionize battery charging.

150-watt charger:

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Realme has introduced the Realme 150W UltraDart charging technology at the Mobile World Congress. Regarding this charger, Realme has claimed that keeping the temperature of the battery will remain below 43 degrees and it will charge 50 percent of the battery in just five minutes. This UltraDart charging technology of Realme will be the world’s first such charging technology with the support of 100–200W charging power.

Although the company has not given any information about the availability of 150W charging in its upcoming Realme GT NEO 3.

Apart from that, there are also speculations that OnePlus will launch its phone with 150W charging by the end of this year.

This charging tech will compete directly with Xiaomi HyperCharge 120W fast charging. With this charger of Xiaomi, the battery is claimed to be full in just 17 minutes.

Oppo has created a world record:

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In the same event, Oppo has showcased the world’s fastest charger. Oppo has created history by fully charging the smartphone with 4500mAh battery capacity in just 9 minutes during the demo with its 240W charger. Oppo introduced the VOOC flash charge in 2014. 

Oppo claims that this ultrafast charging is completely safe and will not cause any damage to the phone nor will the phone heat up during charging.

Along with the new charging technology, Oppo’s new ‘Battery Health Engine’ is also supported. Both Smart Battery Health Algorithm and Battery Healing Technology have been used in this charger. Of these, the Smart Battery Health algorithm tracks the battery’s electric potential in real-time. Battery healing technology, on the other hand, optimizes the internal parts of the battery.

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