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Smart Phones a great invention

by TechMobi Desk
Smartphone invention

As the name suggests this keyword tells you about how SmartPhone has achieved the status of being one of the greatest inventions in Human History.

Definition of a great invention

Anything achieves the status of being a greatest invention when it brings about a revolutionary change in the way humanity does its daily work.

Case studies and illustrations will help you in getting a better understanding about this fact cum reality.

Case 1:

In your childhood days you must have seen that whenever you planned to visit your nanny for summer vacations or a sudden visit out of station to visit an ill relative, getting train reservations was a nightmare and middlemen and approaches were the sole solution out. Online rail reservation and that too on Irctc app installed on your smartphone made it a dream cum true for you to book these rail tickets on the walk. In fact latest revenue figures reveal that revenue from online reservations has outnumbered offline reservations since its launch and the trend is no mood to settle down for good.

Case 2 :

Depositing and Withdrawal of money from your bank account meant wastage of a productive day and same was the case when we went for passbook updation. Now there is almost no role that an internet connected smartphone is not playing in the same banking system. Situation has come to this level that globally, banking organisations are concentrating their investments on upgrading the online infrastructure rather than the obsolete in this era, the offline/manual one.

There is an endless list of applications that will prove to you that how smartphones are making human life easier day by day.

So, to conclude one could easily say that there is no counter argument in the debate on why smartphone is a great invention.


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