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Mobile Phone Addiction – A Rising Issue

by Mahima Bhatnagar
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Mobile Phone Addiction

Mobile phones have become a necessity in our lives, without a mobile phone we can’t have access to the work-life along with social life. Since a person is spending more than 3/4th of their time on mobile phones, they are losing their social skills and are not able to maintain a proper relationship with anyone. Even when a group of friends are hanging out together after a long time, they tend to peek at their phone every now and then.

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It is true that mobile phones have helped in increasing the communication between two people, but apps in the mobile phones and the social networking sites are attracting the attention of the consumer and they tend to forget about contacting someone while watching a video or a post. This addiction has led to many behavioural problems like depression, anxiety and other behavioural disorders due to the lack of one on one communication. Face-to-Face communication has proven to be the best method of communication whereas communications through social media sites and apps lack emotional connect.

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World Health Organization, also known as WHO, came up with a term for this issue or addiction; addiction to mobile phones is called ‘Dependence Syndrome’. According to the WHO mobile phone addiction is very similar to the addiction of tobacco, drugs and alcohol, one a person gets addicted to any of the mentioned substance it is hard for someone to detach themselves from it. According to Alabama State University, the study they conducted concluded that “People are addicted to the information and entertainment floating around in the World Wide Web instead of being addicted to the phone. Since most basic smartphone also provides internet, people are surfing on the internet most of the time rather than meeting people personally.”

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Since smartphones with the help of internet can provide almost any information, even when travelling people are constantly on their phones to search a new place, cafe’s to visit, adventure sports they can try and where to book their lodging. Since all these facilities are available at our fingertips, literally, it makes the travel period easier for the tourist. It is only considered as an addiction when an average person spends more than 2 hours of their daily life on mobile phones.

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