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Oppo,Vivo,Realme,Oneplus: All have the same Parent Company?

by Sweeta Gupta
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What’s regular with Oppo, Vivo, realme and OnePlus smart phones? Aside from the way that they are top of the line smart phones in India and they are largely Chinese, there is something else.

They are kin having a place with a similar parent company: BBK Electronics. Obviously, this lesser-known Chinese multinational purchaser electronics company is the third biggest smart phone manufacturer in the world as per 2017 IDC information.

The main smart phone company in India is really not Xiaomi, but rather BBK Electronics. BBK who, you may inquire. All things considered, BBK Electronics is the parent company of Oppo, Vivo, Realme, OnePlus and iQOO, the brands know more than the company behind it.

Truth be told, Oppo, Vivo, and Realme together account for 43% in the Indian market against Xiaomi’s 28%, according to from Hong Kong-based statistical research firm Counterpoint.

These numbers make BBK Electronics the biggest smart phone company in India. While BBK Electronics is still a long way from arriving at the piece of the pie of Finland-based Nokia which held 58% of the phone shipments in India in 2007, these numbers are as yet generous.

The question is: How did Dongguan-based BBK Electronics take this extraordinary lead in the Indian smart phone market, in front of Xiaomi and Samsung? The response to this inquiry lies in the manner BBK Electronics position its individual brands without stressing a lot over similitude in their items and marketing.

Take the instance of Oppo and Vivo, two of the biggest smart phone brands in India. Indeed, the two brands are overseen independently with various groups and assembling offices.

However, one thing that is regular among Oppo and Vivo is that the two brands are pursuing a similar purchaser. The two brands play on cost and determinations and target assorted purchasers across urban cities and small towns.

On top of it, the two brands are known for spending enthusiastic about prominent campaign efforts regularly including top Bollywood entertainers and cricketers.

Another ongoing theme between the two brands is the interest in the offline market just as the fortifying of appropriation channels. Here’s the place where things get particularly fascinating.

At the point when different brands were caught up with discussing the extent of development by selling phones on the web, Oppo and Vivo were occupied with growing their quality in the disconnected market. The way that you can purchase Oppo and Vivo smart phones in any piece of India is the genuine achievement of both these brands.

The Vivo Story

The Vivo brand was established in 2009 and began selling their first smart phone in 2011. The Vivo X series incorporates its top notch offering, while the Vivo V obliges the mid-portion and the Vivo Y series designs phones for the lower end.

Vivo entered India in 2014 and today has a network of 10,000 retailers in more than 300 urban areas in 22 Indian states.

Dispatched in September, 2018, the Vivo V11 is one of its top rated phones in the mid-level classification.

The key features of the Vivo V11 that separates it from other V series phones are the finger impression scanner and the waterdrop-molded score show. It comes a 6.3 inch, full HD show with 19:9 perspective proportion.

You will cherish the Vivo smart phones on the off chance that you love shooting pictures, particularly selfies. It sports a double camera of 16MP + 5MP on the back and an unfathomable 25MP on the front for hair-raising quality selfies.

The Vivo V11 accompanies 64GB of inward storage (expandable up to 256GB) and is controlled by two quad center processors timing a speed of 2GHz and a 6GB RAM for high level execution and speed. Vivo V11 cost in India begins from Rs.17,994.

The OnePlus Story

OnePlus was established in 2013 by an ex-worker of Oppo Electronics. OnePlus primarily conveys its items through select online retailers. It entered in India in 2014 by selling the OnePlus One smart phone through Amazon.

The OnePlus brand has been exceptionally acclaimed and at one time was the top of the line phone in India.

The Oppo Story

Oppo was predominantly centered around DVD, Blu-Ray and sound player producing until entered the smart phone field in 2008.

Despite the fact that it entered the game very late, it took the brand just five years to turn into the most beneficial organization in China and give a decent battle to greater opponents like Xiaomi, Lenovo, ZTE and Xiaomi.

Oppo smart phones authoritatively entered India in 2014 and zeroed in on dispatching premium quality phones. The company dispatched the much anticipated Oppo F9 and Oppo A5 smart phones in August, 2018.

The Oppo F9 highlights a noteworthy 6.3-inch FHD show and 16 MP + 2 MP double back camera and 16 MP front camera. It shoots sublime pictures with great profundity of field – useful for representations, selfies and open air photography.

The Oppo smart phone accompanies 64GB inner storage that is expandable up to 256GB and is fueled by two quad center Cortex A73 and Cortex A53 processors.

The Oppo F9 effectively timekeepers 2GHz speed and a 4GB RAM permits it to cruise through all the applications and games you raise on its Gorilla Glass secured board.

It likewise has an inbuilt finger impression sensor for extra security of your phone. Oppo F9 cost is serious thinking about its top of the line series, execution and highlights. The Oppo F9 cost in India begins from Rs.14,994.

The Oppo A5 was likewise dispatched in India simultaneously as the Oppo F9. It includes a 6.2-inch, waterdrop, Corning Gorilla glass screen and a dependable 4230mAh battery.

The Oppo A5 is controlled by an updated Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 chipset with an octa center Cortex A53 processor that clocks 1.8GHz. For the selfie darling, it has a 8 MP front camera and a 13 MP + 2 MP double camera for amazingly excellent pictures.

Putting away music, pictures, recordings and applications isn’t an issue with 32GB inward storage that can be extended up to 256GB. The Oppo A5 cost in India begins from Rs.10,994.

The Oppo A5 32GB is accessible at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store with a simple EMI of Rs.1,499 for a half year.

Realme: The spending challenger to Xiaomi

Realme is a generally new participant into the business, with the brand carrying out its first phone only two years prior. Realme was made as a sub-brand of OPPO to challenge Xiaomi in India, with the brand zeroing in on the section level and budgeting portions.

Because of forceful estimating and an excited dispatch schedule, Realme figured out how to do precisely that. The brand dispatched 27 phones in less than two years, and amassed a piece of the overall industry of 16.2% in India, an amazing accomplishment in light of everything.

Realme has figured out how to undermine Xiaomi by utilizing BBK’s monstrous scope, permitting the brand to sell phones at absolute bottom costs.

Everything about the brand is planned in light of Xiaomi — hell, even the name Realme seems like a riff on Xiaomi’s Redmi auxiliary.

Be that as it may, by copying Xiaomi’s playbook, Realme had the option to cut out a specialty for itself in India in an extremely brief timeframe.

The spending portion in India is the most serious on the world, and notwithstanding that, Realme had the option to record a brilliant ascent in this classification throughout the most recent two years.

Realme is presently stretching out into the mid-range fragment, with gadgets like the X2 Pro and X50 Pro 5G presenting high revive rate screens and captivating new highlights like 5G network.

On the off chance that Oppo and Vivo oblige the majority, OnePlus is thriving in the top notch fragment. OnePlus flourishes with the buzz it makes around its smart phones and the interesting plan of action it works on.

OnePlus has helped drive the top notch fragment in India by opening up individuals’ craving for costlier phones when they think about an update.

At a large portion of the cost of its top notch rivals, OnePlus has reliably demonstrated to be the incredible estimation of cash and this has been the purpose for the religion like after it has sustained in India and different business sectors.

BBK Electronics likewise possesses Realme, a side project brand from Oppo. The brand was just established in 2018, yet Realme has effectively seen a fleeting ascent in India, where its shipments grew 255% a year ago, as indicated by Counterpoint.

The system of giving customers what they needed without accusing extra has reverberated of individuals and that is the thing that driving Realme.

Some place down the line, BBK Electronics has perceived the Indian smart phone market by taking into account all fragments: the top-end, the mid-end and low-end. The accomplishment of Oppo and Vivo, just as OnePlus and Realme, shows that the strategy of making distinctive free brands could be the best approach.

BBK presently has five smart phone brands, and with any semblance of OPPO and Vivo focusing on the U.K. also, other Western business sectors, you will just hear more about these brands in the coming months and years.

While each brand works in a storehouse, they share equipment assets, giving them a tremendous benefit over more modest brands.

That is one reason why Realme had the option to climb the stepping stool in India in merely two years, and with BBK currently handling gadgets from $100 to $1,000, it is an amazing powerhouse in the smart phone industry.

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