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The Best Mobile Network in Mumbai

by Aditi Singh
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The commercial capital of India, Mumbai is need of strong, reliable mobile network than any other city. The capital city of Maharastra is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world today. The 3G network has completely replaced by 4G network and various 4G mobile network operators are offering to try to offer better services to the people of Mumbai. The cellular telecom business is booming and there is a huge demand for higher speed and better services in Mumbai city.

Most of the main 4G service operators are in a competition and trying their best to serve the people with various mobile services and internet plans. Airtel, Vodafone, Jio are in the race and each one is updating and extending their network in and around Mumbai. Among these three 4G mobile service operators who have a wider network and millions of customers, let us find out which network offers the best mobile network in Mumbai.

According to the tests conducted at different times during the day, including peak hours. The collected data is studied and analyzed. The tests are conducted at three different times 3 pm, 6 pm, and 9 pm in various parts of the city. It was made sure that all the networks remain active and offering high speed.

Airtel 4G Mobile Network

Airtel 4G network and its services offered remain highly active during the day time. But the network speed increases higher during the night when it is at its peak. The Airtel network offers the most reliable connectivity to the customers and the communication remains faster. The 4G mobile network of Airtel is stronger and with the help of various recharges options and broadband plans, it keeps the customer happy and satisfied in the various areas of the city. The speed it offers is between 32 Mbps and 41 Mbps.  The use of 2300 Mhz spectrum facility provides high-quality 4G Airtel services to business, commercial and residential sectors.

Vodafone 4G Mobile Network

Vodafone 4G service is also popular among the mobile users across Mumbai city. Vodafone Company is in the process of upgrading its signal mechanism with the help of a spectrum mechanism which is about 1800 Mhz. Vodafone connectivity is stronger but the speed limit is around 10Mbps to 20 Mbps which is getting updated in most of the city areas. But the wide network and the better customer care services allow Vodafone to have higher upload/download speed which keeps it ahead of Airtel and Jio networks in many parts of the city.

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Reliance Jio Mobile Network

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Jio  4G network offers high-speed internet speed of 1Gbps.  It is the best broadband connection which is considered as the most reliable. It offers a number of services to the city of Mumbai which includes interrupted stronger internet connectivity.  The fiber technology boosts the usage of 4G mobile services which also offer services like TV video calls, Home networking, smart TV, and various OTT platforms. Jio network provides better mobile services and internet prepaid and postpaid plans. It is increasing the base and expanding its services.

Other Mobile Network

BSNL is yet to expand its 4G services in the city. It has limitations and it is in the state of transformation. With the help of government support, it is extending the telecom operations. It has a very limited number of customers in Mumbai city.

BharatNet also offers its internet and mobile services. It is also a 4G network that is started by public funds. It has spread fiber network and it has covered many gram panchayats. It has plans to offer a wide 4G network at a reasonable cost but it is still at the primary level.

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