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Xbox Series X Will Not Have an Optical Audio Port, Microsoft Confirms

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During the game awards function, Microsoft officially announced Xbox Series X – a new Xbox model to be released in late 2020. The console Xbox X is supposed to be four times powerful and is designed to have 8K resolution, real-time ray tracing and rendering of 120fps. 

New generation gaming

Microsoft has decided to make certain changes in the new Xbox X model which is considered as an outstanding strategy. Microsoft has confirmed not to use the optical digital audio connection, which passes digital signals between various devices. And High-Density Multimedia Interface (HDMI) should be used in the latest Xbox Series X.  HDMI cables can pass higher resolution audio in different formats and doesn’t require any additional cable.

Microsoft is going to change the look, feel and action of the most powerful console Xbox series X and enhancing the bar of speed, compatibility, and performance. It increases the excitement among the gamers and offers immense opportunities to the gamers to play a variety of games from the previous four generations.

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Use of reliable HDMI 2.1 

 The advanced technologies that the Xbox wire team has planned to use which makes Xbox Series X powerful and reliable. It has helped in defining the new generation gaming which is based on custom processor and it offers latency solutions to have effective compatible visual intensification.

According to the confirmed reports, Xbox will not make use of the S/PDIF audio port.  It will have a port for networking – Ethernet along with the single HDMI cable for the audio and video.  It also uses a Seagate expansion card and USB ports. The HDMI 2.1 has more bandwidth and it can support around 8k signals and Dolby Atmos audio.

Xbox design team has developed next-generation gaming with a number of advancements such as – ergonomic improvements in the devices, effective cross-connectivity between the devices, minimized latency and easy sharing options. These are the wirelessly controlled features of Xbox Series X, which will be launched soon. 

It is surprising to see that no port will be used in the latest model of Xbox Series X. But the use of HDMI 2.1 will offer good quality audio and video output in terms of higher bandwidth and hopefully, it will be an outstanding experience.

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