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Microsoft’s Windows 10 Is Now Running on 1 Billion Active Devices

by TechMobi Desk

Microsoft has revealed recently that about 1 billion devices are actively running on the MS-Windows 10. Most of the computers, laptops, mobiles and other devices run on the operating system Windows 10. According to Microsoft Corporation of USA, there are about one billion people across the world, 200 cities have chosen Windows 10 as the operating system for their devices and are happily using it. 

Most Famous Operating System

To know the facts relating to the Windows operating system clearly, there are about 80,000 devices such as tablets, mobiles and various configurations of computers and laptops run on Windows 10 all over the world.  There are more than 1000 manufacturers and service centers available producing various Microsoft products and offering software assistance. According to Microsoft, there are about 18 million people who are directly working as testers or registered users under Windows 10. Most of the computer users working in different countries are either directly or indirectly are operating the devices using Windows 10 – the most famous and highly used operating system.

According to the detailed statistics given by Microsoft recently, one person out seven is actively working on Windows 10.  Most of the computer and mobile users are familiar with easy to use operating system and are busy working on it round the clock. Windows 10 is highly popular among young and old for the user-friendly approach and availability of all necessary options and compatible solutions. It doesn’t work as just an operating system for the devices but it is software that offers many other features and services for the user to work on. 

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User-friendly Approach

Windows 10 offers a user-friendly approach and a wide variety of options to the users with Mixed Reality and HoloLens, Xbox family of consoles, Xbox Series. The use of devices such as Surface Pro, Surface Book, & Hub2 is a part of the functionality. The operating system Windows 10 will be now under the testing for the newly developed dual-screen device.  

Windows 10 was launched in the market in the year 2015. At the launch, the company has declared to aim around 1 billion devices to run on the new operating system. But Windows 10 reached the milestone within just two months after it stopped giving support to Windows 7.

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