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How To Charge Your Phone Battery Faster?

by Mukul Sharma
how to charge your phone battery faster

If your phone has become old and its battery gets drained quickly or if you are running late to go out and suddenly notice that the phone is not having enough charge?

Do not worry as there are lots of methods and techniques that you can use to charge your phone faster. Furthermore, these methods work well for all types of phones irrespective of operating systems and processors.

In the latest mobiles, there are lots of features and apps that keep running in the background and consume lots of power that quickly drains the battery. So, the first thing you should check is which apps and features consume more power and switch them off.

There is also a perception about the battery size and people think that if the battery size is large then it will hold more charge and work for long hours. It might be true for earlier versions but now the battery size is getting compact and these also hold more charge as compared to the earlier versions. Also, with fast charging technology, you can quickly charge them in a few minutes that will make them run for some hours.

In case there is no fast charging or even if there is a quick charging option available it takes longer than usual to get it charged up quickly if the battery levels are less than 10%.

First of all, you will have to check whether your phone supports fast charging or not because if your phone does not support fast charging then there is no point in using the high power chargers or cables as it might cause heating issues and even blast the mobile battery.

So, it is very necessary to make sure that you do not use the high voltage wall chargers in those phones which do not support quick charging.

Now, we will discuss various techniques that you could try for almost any kind of phone to charge faster

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Wall charger is the best

Wall charger is the best- TechMobi

Yes, wall chargers are the best charging options as compared to any other option. If your phone battery is low and if you are trying to charge it quickly by connecting a USB cable to a laptop or any other power source except a wall charger then it will take longer than usual to charge the phone. It happens because when you charge the phone with a USB cable it takes twice the time as compared to using a wall charger. So, next time when you are running out of charge always try to use wall charging to charge your phone faster.

It might not look stylish but you can rely on it to get your phone powered up almost instantly. It is also suggested that you should only use that charger which comes with the phone as using other wall chargers may not be able to charge your phone in the best way or might even affect the charging quality.

Use fast charging power bank

Use fast charging power bank- TechMobi

In case you forgot to carry your wall charger then the second-best option to charge your phone faster is by using a branded power bank that supports fast charging. These power banks act as a lifesaver, especially when you are somewhere outside and there is no option to connect a wall charger. There are lots of power banks with high capacity and come with a quick charging facility that you can buy. It is also recommended to use only the branded portable chargers or power banks because by doing so there are very less chances that your phone battery gets hampered.

Use the right USB cable

Use the right USB cable- TechMobi

If your phone supports USB 3.0 or USB type-C then always try to use this Type C cable as compared to any other cable because it aids in fast charging. Whether you use a wall charger or portable charger, using the right cable makes sure that you get the right amount of charge as USB type C cable easily carries 1.5 amps charge.

Never use the non-branded cable to charge your phone as it will have a negative impact on battery life. So, you should always use a quality cable to charge the phone while using wall charge, portable phone charger or wireless charging.

Switch off phone

Switch off phone- TechMobi

The fastest way to charge your phone is by switching it off and then charging because by doing so it will close all the apps. When you charge the phone with apps running in the background then it will take the usual time to get charge. By switching off the phone, battery temperature also reaches the optimum level which means that it gets charged faster.

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Do not use wireless charging

Do not use wireless charging- TechMobi

Wireless charging takes more time to charge the phone battery and if you do not have any source of charging the phone then you should try to switch the phone and then use wireless charging. Moreover, you can try the fast wireless charging options which will be as effective as a normal wall charger.

It is also seen that wireless charging takes 50% more time to charge a phone battery as compared to wall charging.

Close all apps

Close all apps- TechMobi

This method is recommended when you do not have much time to charge your phone by using any of the above-mentioned methods. The first priority is to switch off the phone if the battery percentage is below 10% but if you do not want to switch the phone then at-least close apps like GPS, Wi-Fi, GPRS, Bluetooth and other apps that run in the background because these keep consuming charge from the battery.

Although you should also leave the phone for a couple of minutes as by doing so it will not switch on the screen and would further escalate the charging. If you do so then you would find that in a few minutes your phone will charge enough so that you can use it for a few hours.

Use of Airplane mode

Use of Airplane mode- TechMobi

Using Airplane mode also lets you charge your phone quickly because it closes all connectivity options including receiving and making calls. It shuts all types of communication apps but does not close the apps that are running in the background. But this method is also useful when you want to instantly increase the battery charge

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Charging the phone battery at normal temperature

Charging the phone battery at normal temperature- TechMobi

Temperature plays a big role when you charge the battery of your phone. Charging phone batteries in extreme weather conditions takes more time. So, the temperature should be normal, and never try to charge the phone in high-temperature conditions as it’s not good because it might blast the batter. Similarly, if the temperature is too low then it will take longer than usual to charge the phone battery. If possible try to avoid charging phones in either too high or low.

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