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Increase Your Wifi Speed With These Amazing Tips

by Aditi Singh
increase your wifi speed

Internet is something which is making our life easy and even now we can’t even imagine how our life would be without the internet.  Without moving even for an inch, we are connected with the world.

This COVID-19 has made us realize that without stepping out of home, we can perform every single task whether it is related to our office, school, or projects.  

During this time, people are doing work from home and in such a situation the Internet is the only source which is helping us. Schools, colleges, and many offices have not been opened yet even in the midst of the lockdown and unlock process. Schools, colleges, meetings, and conferences, everything we are doing online. We are also using the Internet for gaming and watching movies. In such a situation, internet speed is reduced at times and due to this, work stops.

But there is no need to worry because today we are going to tell you some tips to increase internet speed.

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Here are the tips to increase the speed of Wi-Fi .

increase your wifi speed

1. First check internet speed

2. If your internet or Wi-Fi is slowing down, first check its speed. For this, you can use any speed testing website and check what is your downloading and uploading speed.

3. Check how many devices are connected to your wifi. Because at times the speed decreases even if the number of devices is high. If you are doing work from home, then talk to your service provider once and find out about a better plan.

4. Often the Wi-Fi router becomes hot due to being online all day, so try to turn it off for a while. Or you can also reboot the router.

5. Often the device updates when connected to Wi-Fi. In this case, check that if any of your devices are getting updated on Wi-Fi Connect, then the speed of other devices will be reduced automatically. Try to update your device when you are not working, so it will not hamper your work.

6. While sometimes being busy at work, you forget to check your daily data limit, and there are times when we exceed that limit. So always try to check the limit and if you are playing games or doing anything other than work then do these things when you are done with your work.

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