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Jio Phone Next First Look: Introduces New OS PRAGATI; Will Be One of The Cheapest 4G Smartphone

by Shatakshi Gupta

One of the cheapest Android smartphones in the world JioPhone Next is all set to hit the market soon. The company had said that it will be launched before Diwali. In such a situation, the company has shared videos and features related to this phone. This phone is being made indigenously in India. Even though its price has not been revealed yet, but being the cheapest Android smartphone, it is being discussed all over the world.

Designed especially for Indian needs

The company says that JioPhone Next is Made in India, Made for India and Made by Indians. This smartphone will give an equal opportunity to every citizen of the country to connect with digital technology. This phone is going to change the lives of millions of Indians in the country. Within 5 years, Jio has become the largest telecom company in the country. More than 43 crore users have joined the Jio network.

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Phone works on PRAGATI OS

This phone will get PRAGATI OS, which will be Android-powered. This is a special operating system, which has been specially designed for India. Both Jio and Google have jointly designed the phone. Despite the low price, users will get a better experience from this. The processor of JioPhone Next has been prepared by Qualcomm.

Rural India focused features

Here are some known highlights of this upcoming phone.

  • With the help of Voice Assistant, users will be able to control their device. Like opening an app, managing it etc. With this, users will be able to search data with the help of the internet by giving commands in their language.
  • With the help of Read Aloud feature, users will be able to listen to the content shown on the phone’s screen. That is, the user will not need to read the content. This will also give the option of listening in different languages.
  • With the help of Translate, users will be able to translate the screen text in their preferred language. This feature will also allow the user to read the content in his preferred language.

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  • A 13-megapixel rear camera will be available on the phone. For photography, many modes like Portrait, Night, Blur Background, Low Light will be available. It will also get pre-loaded custom Indian augmented reality filters.
  • Many pre-loaded Android apps will be available on the phone. Users will also be able to download apps with the help of the Play Store. Jio apps will also be available on the phone.
  • The automatic software update option will be available on the phone. With this, updates will be available from time to time to make the phone better and faster. This will also include security updates.
  • This phone will get Pragati OS, which will be based on Android. The company says that with this OS the user will get more battery efficiency.


Although the company has not yet disclosed its official price, many leaks and tech geeks are expecting this device at rupees 3500.

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