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Oppo Suspends Operations at Greater Noida Plant After 6 Workers Test COVID-19 Positive

by Aditi Singh
OPPO Mobile

OPPO Mobile India, a smartphone maker, has banned operations at a manufacturing plant in Greater Noida, adjacent to Delhi. OPPO and Realme smartphones are produced in this manufacturing plant. At least 6 employees of this OPPO manufacturing plant have been found to be infected with COVID-19. Let me tell you that the operations in this plant started in the third lockdown. Work was stopped at this manufacturing plant from the start of the first lockdown, which was restarted during the previous lockdown. Now production in this manufacturing plant has been stopped once again.

According to an IANS report, an OPPO employee said that we have been denied entry into this manufacturing plant. At least 6 employees have been reported to be COVID-19 positive here. The company has advised all its employees to stay indoors until further orders. We will all remain in the houses till the next order of the company.

OPPO has stopped its manufacturing

OPPO has stopped the operation of this manufacturing plant after the complete screening of 3,000 employees. Its spokesperson of India said in his statement that we have done the COVID-19 test of more than 3,000 employees, the report of which is still pending. In his statement released on Sunday, OPPO has said that we as an institution put the safety of all our employees first, in view of which we have stopped the work of this manufacturing unit in our Greater Noida. We are all awaiting reports of over 3,000 employees.

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OPPO Mobile

The company started functioning recently after getting permission from the Uttar Pradesh government to work with 30 percent of employees. The OPPO Mobile has said that they will tell their employees to come back to work again only when all the test results are negative. We will resume work on the manufacturing unit only after following all safety protocols. We are following all the guidelines of distancing inside the manufacturing plant premises for the safety of our employees.

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