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Top Rated Budget Cameras Under 10000

by Naina Chauhan
Canon Camera

People usually have a good Smartphone camera but to satisfy photography skills one surely
needs a budget camera. There are a lot of features which a camera can give you but not your
Smartphone no matter what brand it is. Thus, if you have a special place for photography and
you want it to take to the next level then these below listed cameras are surely a must buy thing
for you:

#1 Canon IXUX 190

This digital camera prices 8,900 INR and captures crystal clear picture of different visuals of
near and far away places. It has an auto mode which fixes its modes by self-according to the
surrounding environment. The special feature of this camera is it has an effective 20 MP pixel
zoom upto 10 x, NFC with a display of 2.7 inches.

#2 Sony DSC-W 830/BC

This camera prices 7,000 INR with an effective pixel of 20.1 MP with optical zoom of 8 and
digital zoom of 32x. Apart from this it has a max shutter speed of 1/30 and a special panorama

#3 Nikon Cool-pix A 300

This digital camera costs 7,699 INR with a 6.7cm LCD wide screen display to have a more clear
picture and video view. This has 20.1 MP camera sensor with an optical zoom of 8x. It has an
additional feature of easy connecting your camera with wi-fi and Bluetooth which is surely
anyone would love to instantly get the pictures in the phone.

Thus, the above listed are some of the top budget cameras under the price range of 10,000 which
gives you quality image, video recording as well as digital display, high pixel, auto mode
selection, sharpness, less noise and easy connectivity with your Smartphone. Thus any camera
having such qualities gives you all time picture perfect click as well as a value for money

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