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Learn These Simple Steps To Do Mail Merging

by Mukul Sharma

If you use MS Excel and if it requires you to use the mail merge function then not to worry as here we will discuss the simplest way to merge mails.

mail merge

What is mail merge?

Mail merge is a process of combining letters, mails, pre-addressed envelopes for mailing labels for sending mass mails and this feature is generally used in the word processing document and contains some fixed letters or text.

In some cases word processors can automatically use the content from a predefined database, text documents or spreadsheet.

This is also a powerful tool that can be used to send personalized letters or messages that need to be sent to many people at the same time. Mail merging is also capable of importing data from other sources text documents or spreadsheets and adds them in the placeholders within the message content according to the different mail recipients.

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What is required for mail merging?

The process of mail merging usually needs a main document with a template and data source which could be a spreadsheet, text document then definition of merging fields and after that the main document with which the documents will be merged later.

Simple steps to do mail merge

mail merging

Step 1: Open the spreadsheet which needs to be used for mail merging

Step 2: In the excel spreadsheet  the column names should match the field names that you wish to insert in the mail merge.

Step 3: Now you need to make sure that the all the data is available in the first sheet of the spreadsheet.

Step 3: Ensure that the entries of the data lie currency, percentage, and other data points are correctly formatted in the excel spreadsheet so that the word document can perfectly read it.

Step 4: Save the spreadsheet on the local machine only and not any other device or cloud storage, also ensure that all the changes are done correctly.

Step 5: Once all the above steps are done, you have to connect the data source  by clicking on the edit recipient list option that is available at the top of the mail.

Step 6: Now in the mail merge recipient option you have to clear the checkbox that is available next to the name of person.

So these are the basic steps to do the mail merge which also allows you to get information from the spreadsheet into a document.

One can also insert label, email message, letter or envelope in the merge fields

To do this you need to open the mailings and go to the address block then find the greeting line option and click on Ok. After this, all you have to do is save the file.

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After the mail fields are merged, you can preview it and see the results and if everything is fine you are almost ready to finish the mail merging.

The last thing before completing the mail merging process, you have to go to the Finish and merge option then print documents or choose to send the email messages.

Just remember that when you save the mail merge, it is connected to the data source and you can also use it later for sending bulk emails. 

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