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Why PUBG Is The Most Popular Game In India?

by Satish

Do you remember, last time when PM Modi, while interacting with students and parents at a program called Pariksha par charcha, has said – “Ye PUBG-wala hai kya? (Is he a PUBG gamer?). He said it to a lady who was worried about her son getting addicted to mobile games.

That is how the game PUBG is popular in India. Most of the kids and even the young and adult men spend hours playing the game either alone or in a group. The craze of this game is such that even girls and elderly women love to play the game. 

India is not a popular name among the gaming industry. The games that are developed in India are of mainly based on a simple technology that doesn’t make use of PC and console segments. The gaming industry in India has its own limitations and that is the reason the low budget games are developed using medium quality graphics and animations.

The highest number of PUBG players

But India has become one of the top 5 countries in terms of mobile gaming users. According to POKKT, there are about 225 million mobile users who play mobile games actively and spend around 50 minutes of time on an average while playing the game on mobile every day over five sessions. The number of mobile users and mobile game players are increasing every day. 

The game PUBG which was launched in the month of March 2018 has fascinated the young and old mobile users so much that the game has become popular overnight around the world. The game stuck the world like a storm and got the attention of the mobile users and it attracted young and old to play the game for longer hours.

According to a recent survey, it is found that the popularity of the game is increasing in India and presently there are about 75 percent of total PUBG players in India alone and are playing the game using mobile phones.

You must be wondering about this game PUBG which is full of the shoot, kill and loot along with chicken dinners is so much popular in India. Let’s find out some of the main reasons –regarding why the game is popular in India.

Innovative concept close to reality

The concept of the game PUBG is very fascinating as it is based on battle Royale game which was a very new concept for mobile users in India. The game has fascinating animations and graphics which are close to reality. The game was easy to install and run on a Smartphone. It also allows users to play in the groups which made the game full of excitement.  The game Fortnite is based on battlefields and is needed to be downloaded from the company’s website because it is not available in Google store.

The graphics and the animation of the game PUBG is close to reality and very fascinating. The graphics and the actions get all attention of the users to love to spend more time with their characters on the screen while on the battlefield. The Indian users appreciated the background of the battle, scenery, locations, and the weaponry which allows them to have a free hand while playing the game close to reality.

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Most of the mobile games are available for free for the users and it is also an advantage. There are no restrictions or registrations required for the game which makes it easy and the users get involved in the game on the basis of plug and play. After the arrival of Reliance Jio, the charges of internet reduced and the availability increased which is also a reason for mobile users to start playing the game of PUBG for longer hours with their characters in the game.

Why the game of PUBG is popular in India?


The game of PUBG too kept the interest among mobile-users going strong by updating the overall game, background scenery, appearance and accessories of the characters from time to time. 

The game of PUBG has become highly popular in India because of several reasons such as 

  • The game is available round the clock and can be played during day or night.
  • The game has interesting features which are close to reality.
  • The game gets updated regularly which makes it interesting. 
  • The game is free of cost and doesn’t need any registration.
  • PUBG community offers help & support to the mobile-players.
  • Users can easily afford the game using the monthly pack of internet charges.

Communities & Support

There are communities of the mobile-players who play the mobile games regularly. The community of the PUBG players is available on social media and it is growing day by day, which shows its increasing popularity in India today. There are various platforms that help the PUBG players to understand the game better, form strategies to play the game and to support the players of the game. There are free tutorials available on YouTube that help you to learn the tricks and tips of the game.

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