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Google Search Makes It Easier To Find Jobs, Recipes, And Products With New Activity Cards

by Aditi Singh
Google Search makes it easier to find jobs, recipes, and products with new activity cards

Google has rolled out an update to activity cards. This will show you links to pages you’ve visited before and the searches you‘ve made. It actually focuses on three key areas: jobs, recipes, and online shopping.  The company has also brought some new features which will make it easier to move forward with the next step, it can be finding a new job, buying something or cooking.

You have probably used Google search to know something about you want to buy, then Google will show you every product you’ve researched. It makes it easier for you to compare and see what you actually need.

Similarly, Job activity card will show you new and relevant job postings and the recipe card will show you more relevant recipes related to your past search for a dish or ingredient.  For example, if you have searched for a chicken recipe then next time this activity card will show you more recipes for chicken.  And even it will show you thumbnails preview which will help you in choosing the right one.

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You will find this activity card on the top of the search results and each activity card will mention when you have last searched for that particular thing. It is just the same as seeing ads for a product on the web.  But these cards will work in a more helpful manner.  Unlike Ad, this is not limited to the product you have searched for, it shows other options too.

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